Dear Friends, Fans and other Champs!


Welcome to our own TV Channel - C-ROCK.TV


This Channel is for you! And it is meant to be an interactive channel.

With our show "THE C`ROCK METHOD" which will be telecast in the first quarter of every month, we want to unleash all the secrets about driving. We want to give you answers to questions like ‘How to break a world record in tightest parallel parking?’ or ‘Why is Hamilton better than Rosberg?’.


Your comments will help us to uncover even more knowledge and our goal is to involve you and your thoughts as well.


The host of this show is six-time Guinness World Record holder for tightest parallel parking - Ronny C´Rock. He has lived on the accelerator since he was 11 years old. And he has won in his racing career approximately every third race, and stood on the podium every second race.


With his knowledge, we want to spread all the wisdom about driving into the world. To make it a better world and to wake the better driver in you!


So let’s see how you and Ronny rock!




mail: rw@ronnywechselberger.com

mobil: +49 151 156 77920

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